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Africamps At Oakhurst Wilderness

Glamping at Africamps Oakhurst

Glamping at Africamps Oakhurst If you haven’t heard the word “glamping” yet, be prepared to hear it a lot more often in the future, because it’s the latest thing when it comes to camping and outdoor adventure experiences, this is doing camping in style. We spent 2 nights at Africamps latest addition, Oakhurst outside the Garden Route village of Wilderness. So What is...

Fish River Canyon Sunset

Are You A Travel Junkie?

Good question that! Years ago, when I was living in a squat in the East End of London (we got away with stuff like that back in the 70’s), we had a friend, and while he was reasonably well travelled, his old mum was far from it. That lovely lady had lived her entire life in the London suburb of Bow, and had never left. Not even to visit the West End. I guess you...

Best Travel Apps 2018

12 Essential Apps For Travellers

Everybody has their own idea of what counts as an essential app when travelling, I’m not talking about general apps, like Whatsapp, Gmail, online banking, or your favourite weather application here, I’m talking about apps that are dedicated to the traveller. The one exception is probably Google Maps, I use this almost daily, but as a travel companion it’s unbeatable...