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Owl House Nieu Bethesda

The Owl House at Nieu Bethesda

Road Trip to The Owl House & Nieu Bethesda We recently undertook a road trip to The Owl House at Nieu Bethesda, on a sizzling hot day, with the temperature hitting 40 degrees. All in order to see an unusual place. Quirky, different, creative! The Owl House is all of those and more...


10 Travel Hacks

10 Travel Hacks (That Will Make You Feel Like a Pro) There’s nothing like a few simple travel hacks to make you feel like an expert traveler, even if you don’t travel much! In fact, especially if you don’t get to travel much, taking these few steps of preparation can make your travelling...

On Board Aircraft

Don’t Get Robbed at 39,000 Feet

How to Avoid Getting Robbed at 39,000 Feet Imagine the sinking feeling when you land after a long overnight flight and find that your cash, jewellery, credit cards, iPad, passport even, are missing from your carry-on baggage! You’ll probably keep going back and searching your bag again...

Africamps At Oakhurst Wilderness

Glamping at Africamps Oakhurst

Glamping at Africamps Oakhurst If you haven’t heard the word “glamping” yet, be prepared to hear it a lot more often in the future, because it’s the latest thing when it comes to camping and outdoor adventure experiences, this is doing camping in style. We spent 2 nights at Africamps...

Fish River Canyon Sunset

Are You A Travel Junkie?

Good question that! Years ago, when I was living in a squat in the East End of London (we got away with stuff like that back in the 70’s), we had a friend, and while he was reasonably well travelled, his old mum was far from it. That lovely lady had lived her entire life in the London...

Best Travel Apps 2018

12 Essential Apps For Travellers

Everybody has their own idea of what counts as an essential app when travelling, I’m not talking about general apps, like Whatsapp, Gmail, online banking, or your favourite weather application here, I’m talking about apps that are dedicated to the traveller. The one exception is probably...


Emirates Business Class Experience

I’ve got to be up-front here, I’m a big fan of Emirates, have been for a good few years now, so I could be a bit biased. Their aircraft are some of the newest I’ve flown on, their crew are awesome, their flights are (mostly) on time and their food and on-board...


Airbnb: Home Away From Home

Airbnb has changed the way that we travellers, well travel, and it’s never been easier than it is now to live the local lifestyle while on the road. The platform makes it entirely possible for you to stay in a house, apartment or beach cottage that feels like your own, in virtually any...

Trondheim Norway

Eat Drink & Stay in Southern Norway

On a recent road trip through Southern Norway, we travelled from Oslo to Bergen then Northwards through Ålesund, to Trondheim and back to Oslo. The journey took 5 days and quite a number of hotels, Air B&B’s and restaurants were visited. This short piece tries to give an...

Garden Route Drone View

Garden Route Drone View

I’ve really been getting into drone photography & video, and have been exploring the possibilities that it presents. Of course I’m keenly aware that for many, a drone is looked at with suspicion and as a potential invader of privacy, so I’m always careful not to...

Views Wilderness Apartment

Get Away to Wilderness

This incredible little piece of paradise is one that I absolutely have to share  with my friends. It’s a very secure apartment, located literally 2 minutes away from the awesome Garden Route village of Wilderness, overlooking the Touw River lagoon where it enters the ocean...

Drone View Garden Route

Wave Action Video

Recently I took my Dji Phantom 3 drone for a flight around the coast near Herold’s Bay, which is set in a small but beautiful bay near George on the South African Garden Route. No particular reason for this one, but I find it very soothing. Enjoy and let me know if you like it.

Maldives from the air

Snorkelling in The Maldives

Some underwater video from the crystal clear waters of the Maldives. This time it’s some GoPro footage taken while snorkelling at Kani Island, North of the Capital. Quite an experience getting up close an personal with the huge variety of colourful underwater inhabitants of these...