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Travel advice, trip reports, photos, videos & inspiration from our travels around the world. In the words of Oscar Wilde: “Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret”.

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I’m Chris: travel junkie! photographer, videographer, writer & road trip fanatic. My great weakness is for tropical islands, and the wide open spaces of Africa

This website is focused towards travel fanatics who prefer a more "comfortable" style of travel. Discover impartial advice, reviews and all original photography, video & written content.

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Owl House Nieu Bethesda

The Owl House at Nieu Bethesda

Road Trip to The Owl House & Nieu Bethesda We recently undertook a road trip to The Owl House at Nieu Bethesda, on a sizzling hot day, with the temperature hitting 40 degrees. All in order to see an unusual place. Quirky, different, creative! The Owl House is all of those and more...

Milos Greece

Off The Tourist Route in Europe

Make Your Next Trip to Europe Minus The Crowds While the Northern hemisphere has just come out of the throngs of sweltering summer and heads for what is shaping up to be a cold winter, we thought we’d round up a few destinations in Western Europe that won’t disappoint. Beyond the romantic...


10 Travel Hacks

10 Travel Hacks (That Will Make You Feel Like a Pro) There’s nothing like a few simple travel hacks to make you feel like an expert traveler, even if you don’t travel much! In fact, especially if you don’t get to travel much, taking these few steps of preparation can make your travelling...

Deadvlei Petrified Trees

Sossusvlei Road Trip

Sossusvlei Road Trip If there’s one place in Namibia that I keep going back to this is it. Sossusvlei has had a special place in my heart, ever since I first read about it in the ’80s and then experienced through the photography of the late Getaway Magazine photographer...

Kolmanskop MIne Mangers House

Southern Namibia & Kolmanskop

Southern Namibia and Kolmanskop Namibia is a big country, very big, far bigger than you might imagine, and it has just so much variety, interesting places and even more interesting people. Taking a road trip is my all-time favourite way of seeing the country from up close, getting to meet...

Kichanga Lodge

Zanzibar Island Beach Holiday

Spice Islands of Zanzibar Beach Holiday The first thing that hits you when emerging from the aircraft door after landing at Abeid Amani Karume International Airport on the outskirts of Zanzibar City is the humidity. Humidity and, after the short walk across the tarmac to the terminal...


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The Kangela Travels Blog is aimed at all global explorers and travel fanatics who prefer to travel in a little comfort and style. We’ve been fortunate enough to come across some amazingly wonderful destinations, discovered some of the awesome places in the world, and, been incredibly inspired along the way. We hope that within this website, you might find something that will inspire your own journey of exploration.

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